How Does Snapchat Choose Who Is in Cameo Stories?

Would you be interested in knowing what happens when Snapchat decides who will be featured in its official comeo stories it suggests on its app?

It’s quite simple. The most popular cameos created by users are eligible for inclusion in the official stories of cameos on Snapchat.

The algorithm then selects particular cameos it believes will draw the most interest and draw the attention of people.

Keep reading for more information about Snapchat Cameo stories, how they’re created and what they mean to you!

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What Are Cameo Stories?

Cameos can be described as GIFs but the characters appearing in cameos feature your face on them. The app will ask you to take a regular photo, and then show your face to the characters that appear in a.

This is what a user-created Snapchat appearance is.

Cameo Stories can be considered official Snapchat choices from the most well-known user-created Cameos. You can subscribe to them and watch them whenever you want.

Everyone on Snapchat users will get exactly the same Cameo Stories once Snapchat decides to make them available. They can last for up to 24 hours per Cameo Story!

Did you know that there are two-person Cameo Stories that Snapchat can publish? You’re one of the individuals in the comeo but there’s a person who is not.

Who is that person depends on what you’ve shared with them recently or who you’ve made your top friends on Snapchat.┬áThere are times when Snapchat picks random people from your friends list, or even a friend of yours to be featured in your comeo.

How to Make a Cameo on Snapchat?

Follow the steps listed below to discover how you can make a cameo on Snapchat: Snapchat:

1. Chat with your friend

The first step in creating an appearance on Snapchat is to start the chat window with a person. It is possible to create Cameos through chat!

2. Click on the GIF image

After you have started chat with a friend, check the left-hand corner of your screen to find an GIF icon. It’s either it or the Smiley Face icon, depending on the Snapchat account you have. Snapchat account.

Tap it, and then continue following the guide!

3. Choose the Cameo option.

When you click on the GIF/smiley-face icon, a menu will pop up at the bottom of your screen. You’ll be able to see several Emojis.

At the the bottom, there are a few choices. Choose one of them. Select the Smiley Face plus Star symbol. This is the icon that will be used to use for the Cameo!

4. Snap a photo

When you click”Cameo” Cameo icon on the left, the screen on the lower left on the display will be switched to show a variety of cameo settings.

It’s important to first take a photo however. You’ll see the ” Express yourself with Cameos!” button. Click it!

This will open another window that allows you to take an image.

Your face should be at the center of the face silhouette then click ” Create My Cameo“. It will then save the photo for later appearances.

5. Choose a body type

After taking your picture, Snapchat will ask you to choose a body type. Select the type of body according to your gender, click ” Continue” and follow the steps!

6. You must wait for the cameo to be made

When you have selected the type of body you prefer, Snapchat will start creating your virtual appearance. You should wait 5-10 seconds until it has finished creating, follow the steps!

7. Choose the Smiley face

After you’ve created your Cameo You’re allowed to send it to anyone you’d like. For this tutorial we’ll be sending a cameo to an acquaintance.

Tap the Smiley Face icon when you have chatted with a friend. It will display the previous menu, which includes Emojis, GIFs, etc.

Choose the Cameo option, and then choose one of the available cameos from the menu. You’ll see that all cameos are branded with your name. the screen.

When you tap the comeo Snapchat can send the image immediately to your friend within the chat. Do not tap on any of them if you don’t wish to send a video.

Can I Control Who Appears in My Cameo Stories?

Snapchat lets you decide who you show in your comeo stories by changing the settings of the Cameo options.

Follow the steps listed below to complete this:

1. Click on the profile picture to reveal your photo.

Select your profile picture when you launch Snapchat. This will display your profile page which is where you’ll be able to access your settings.

2. Click the Gear icon

Once you have opened your profile In the top right-hand corner for an icon that looks like a Gear icon. Click it to open you Snapchat settings. There you’ll see your Cameo options.

3. Select ” Cameos

When you are in your Snapchat settings go to the bottom of the screen until you see your ” Cameos‘ option. Click on it and proceed through the instructions!

4. Tap on ” Use My Cameos Selfie

The first thing you have to modify will be that of the ” Use My Cameos Selfie” option. Click the option to create a brand new one with a range of options.

Three options are available in this article. Let’s look at these options and talk about what they mean.

  • All – This means everyone who is on Snapchat whether friend or not, is able to use your comeo selfie in their own stories, as well as exporting it to Snapchat to be used across other platforms.
  • My Friends Only your friends are able to show your cameo photo in their Snapchat stories, or export it to a third party outside of Snapchat;
  • Only Me – Nobody could use your camo image or export it to Snapchat.

The options will also dictate who will appear when you post Your Cameo Stories posted on Snapchat. If you choose ” Everyone” the selfie will be displayed as a come-on with any person on Snapchat.

“My friends ” My Friends” option will guarantee that your photo will only show those you are familiar with in the screen.

Select the option that fits you best and proceed onto the next stage!

5. Select ” See My Cameos Selfie in Ads

Next step involves to go back to the page you were on and then selecting another option ” See My Cameos Selfie in Ads“.

This will open a new page that offers three options.

Three options are available:

  • There is no one – Nobody will view Cameo advertisements using your selfie
  • Only Me – Only You will be able to see Cameo advertisements by taking a selfie
  • My Friends – Only you are able to see Cameo ads by taking a selfie

Select the option that best suits you best, and then you’re done.


To sum up, Snapchat chooses who is on Cameo Stories based on the popularity of the user-created cameos. Cameos that feature two people are selected according to the user’s preferences for their Cameos.

As I’ve already explained You are in control of who can be on your selfies in the form of cameos. Change the settings to alter what you see on Snapchat.

Keep in mind that other people could perform the same thing, and you might not even appear in a cameo alongside another person if they’ve altered their Cameo settings to suit their needs.

If you have any questions regarding Snapchat’s feature of cameos, post a write me a message below, and I’ll get back to you as quickly as I can. In the meantime, keep an eye out for additional helpful articles on Snapchat!

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