Best Android Games To Play When Bored

best games to play when bored

We all get bored sometimes, and it’s okay. However, you should not spend your whole time playing these best android games. If you want to get entertained when you are bored, you should try these best android games. These are some of the most popular android games that you can download on your android phone. … Read more

Best Android Games Under 500 MB

Best Android Games Under 500 MB

In this post, we discuss the best android games under 500 MB in 2020. We have selected only the best android games for those who are looking for a game to play for free.  1- Overkill 3 Overkill 3 is an action shooter game that was released by Gameloft in 2015. The game is available … Read more

How to Turn Off Siri Reading Messages on Airpods?

How to Turn Off Siri Reading Messages

How to Turn Off Siri Reading Messages on Airpods? Few things are more irritating than when Siri hijacks your AirPods to read aloud a string of text messages. This is when you’re hearing a hilarious podcast episode or a great song. The feature permits Siri to announce notifications for iMessage, Reminders, and third-party apps (like Slack, Snapchat, Twitter, … Read more

How to Fix T-Mobile ‘Not Registered on Network’ Issue?

T-mobile 'Not Registered on Network

If your phone displays the error T-mobile ‘Not Registered on Network,’ you likely can’t send or receive calls or messages. Fortunately, this can be a relatively easy issue to fix. This guide walks you through several troubleshooting actions you can try. What Does ‘Not Registered on Network’ Mean on T-Mobile? ‘Not Registered on Network’ means … Read more