How To Make Stairs In Terraria – Quick Ways

The Terraria building experience is incomplete without stairs. As for stairs and platforms, apart from creating a firm interactive path anywhere, including into thin air, they can also be useful for blocking enemies and fighting bosses.

Your journey to becoming a master builder begins now!

Terraria PC, Console, and Mobile versions are covered in this guide.

How to Make Stairs in Terraria

When you have all the materials, making stairs in Terraria is relatively easy. To get started, follow these steps:

Step 1 – Stair Prerequisite Materials

If you already have the material, you can skip this step. For making slopes out of the platforms, any hammer will do. Depending on what you plan to build, the type and amount of materials will vary.

A workbench and wood can be used to craft a hammer if you don’t have one. The anvil and bars will allow you to make hammers such as iron, gold, and platinum. The extended range and faster swing of a higher tier hammer will help you build stairs faster. Ultimately, it’s up to the player. The “Smart cursor” remains a good alternative.

Step 2 – Stair Building in Terraria

The workbench cannot be used to craft most platforms. You can instead build them from your inventory. Follow these instructions to make a simple staircase:

  1. Make sure you have platforms, walls, and a hammer on hand.
  2. Build the staircase right where you want to place the platforms mid-air.
  3. Use your hammer to hit each platform once. This will result in slanted stairs.

You don’t have to hammer each platform when using the “Smart Cursor” when placing stairs. You can also use the fourth hammer blow to correct a misplacement or other error. The default position of a platform will be restored by doing this.

The pickaxe can be used to correct misplacements. To move around with ease, staircases with different directions can be combined creatively. There is no limit to how high you can go.

Correcting mistakes with a pickaxe speeds up the process. Additionally, you can point and click on the platforms whose shapes you wish to change.

Building Ladders

The builders can also make ladders that can be moved up and down. Platforms and beams with walls are also part of ladders. Make a ladder by putting some platforms as high as you need. Consider surrounding them with wooden beams, for example. Finally, use walls to finish the ladders. To remove accidentally placed blocks, use a pickaxe.

How to Make Stairs for NPCs

Buildings that are carefully connected make it easier for NPCs to move around and socialize. There is no difference between making stairs for NPCs and making “basic” stairs. It is therefore sufficient to use the regular wood stairs.

Putting multiple staircases together in specific arrangements may make it harder for NPCs to descend. Do not put platforms on top of staircases, since NPCs cannot go through them, leaving them stuck on the floor.

In addition, NPCs won’t use spiral stairs or ladders. For more information about constructing stairs, refer to the early section.

How to Make Spiral Stairs

It is true that spiral stairs lack the functionality of regular stairs, but they make up for it with their aesthetic appeal. There is no way you can walk up these stairs. You’ll have to jump on the platforms instead.

Spiral stairs can be made by following these instructions:

  1. A sawmill can provide you with wooden beams. Two wooden beams can be made from one piece of wood.
  2. Build the spiral staircase by placing the beams where you want them.
  3. Place the platforms a few miles away from the beam when starting at the bottom.
  4. Place the platforms on the wooden beam structure by cutting through it where necessary. It is recommended to follow a pattern.
  5. Platforms should not be placed on their sides or “behind” the beam structure.
  6. Follow a swirling pattern when building the staircase.
  7. Fill in the gaps with whatever type of wall you see fit. It is preferable to use a matching type.

Only the aesthetics of wood beams matter, not their functionality. If you don’t break some of the blocks, you can’t place something in front of the beams. Therefore, wood beams and spiral stairs serve more as décor than as functional elements. A material like wood beams is subjectively essential for Spiral Stairs to look pleasing as Terraria players care about aesthetics.

How to Make Stone Stairs

When you hit a block with a hammer, you can make half-blocks and slopes. When made with a suitable type of block, slopes and half-blocks can make convincing stairs.

The materials you have in your inventory can be used to craft many platforms. Stone platforms are no different.

To build Stone platforms and walls, you’ll need a hammer and gray bricks. Don’t forget to bring a pickaxe to the construction site for quick corrections. After you’ve collected the necessary materials, you can begin building. Follow these instructions to make a Stone staircase:

  1. Put the Stone platforms diagonally where you want to make the staircase once they have been crafted.
  2. By hitting each platform once with the hammer, you can connect them.

There are essentially no differences between platforms. Therefore, there are two reasons why Stone platforms are built: aesthetics and practicality.

Stone platforms (like Obsidian ones) are immune to contact with lava. Platforms can be penetrated by weapon projectiles and liquids. It may seem contradictory, but all platforms, including Stone and Obsidian, will melt down if dropped directly into lava. Stone and Obsidian platforms will only survive lava when placed on blocks. When thrown into lava, they will melt.

How to Make Stairs on Terraria Mobile

Terraria Mobile is quite similar to the PC and Console versions. Therefore, the previous information applies here as well. Most platforms can be crafted using your inventory, with some exceptions.

Make walls, platforms, and bring a hammer and pickaxe for corrections before building. It does not matter what type of material these materials are. To build a staircase, gather the materials and follow these instructions:

  1. Place your platforms diagonally where you wish to build the staircase after crafting them.
  2. Hit each platform once with the hammer. This will result in slanted stairs.

For corrections, a fourth hammer blow returns the platform to its default position. For better mobility, you can combine staircases with different directions. You can build as high as you like.

If you don’t have a hammer, craft one using a workbench and wood. Using an Anvil and bars, you can build platinum, gold, and iron hammers. The building process can be somewhat sped up with higher-tier hammers.

If you make a mistake, equip a pickaxe to fix it. In addition, you can click on the platforms whose shapes you wish to change.

Why Can’t I Make Stairs in Terraria?

Terraria on PC only shows you what you can craft with the resources you currently own, unlike its console counterpart. Due to this limitation, you’ll need to speak with the “Guide” for tips and crafting recipes. It is the Guide who is the first NPC. When you create a Terraria world, he will spawn nearby.

You can respawn your Guide or any other NPC if you build them a house.

A wood house can only be built with wood as its only ingredient. Your house’s walls, a table, and chairs can be crafted using a Workbench after you’ve gathered wood. Houses can be made from any material, but sand and dirt are not recommended. Several types of homes are required by some NPCs for them to live in.

The outer part of the house can be made from wood and have a wooden door. The entire house needs wooden walls, a few torches, a wooden table, and a wooden chair on the inside. Open your inventory while inside the house once it has been built. You can spawn the missing NPC by clicking on the Housing Icon on the right. There will be an assignment of this house to this NPC. By clicking on the Housing Icon, you can change which NPC lives in a house.

The Guide can help you make stairs and other things, but there are other minor things to keep in mind when building. The following are among them:

  • Create the necessary platforms.
  • Craft a hammer and equip it.
  • Make staircases by placing the platforms close together.
  • The hammer should be used to connect each platform. Perfect practice makes perfect.

To Build Is to Entertain Oneself

Start bridging gaps, prevent certain enemies from getting through, and have stable roof access. A fighting arena can even be created for enemy hordes and bosses. In your Terraria world, you can experience these adventures and many more. Share them with your friends.

How will you use your platforms? How would you build your ideal spiral staircase? What materials would you use? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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