How To Download The Images From A Google Doc

How To Download The Images From A Google Doc

The Google Docs cloud software is one of the best alternatives to desktop word processors. With the cloud app, you can draft documents with tables, charts, hyperlinks, YouTube videos, images, and more. Google Docs still has fewer text formatting options and tools than MS Word, but it is improving steadily. The context menu for pictures … Read more

How To Download A Discord Profile Picture

How To Download A Discord Profile Picture

Discord users can use any compatible image as their profile picture, and many take pride in their interesting images. It’s common to find someone with a profile picture you like, but you can’t save it right away. Both PCs and mobile devices experience this issue. Fortunately, there are still ways to download another person’s profile … Read more

Crypto-based Avanti hauls in $37m to launch a digital asset bank

As part of its Series A funding round, Avanti Financial Group has raised $37 million, bringing its total funded capital since inception to $44 million. As part of the Series A funding round, 1843 Capital, AP Capital, Banca del Ceresio, Binance US, Coinbase Ventures, ECMC Group, Equity Management Associates, Greybull Stewardship, Hard Yaka, HashKey, Holon … Read more

How To Download Animated GIFs in 2023

How To Download Animated GIFs

You can spice up your online communication by using GIFs. You can even find them in business emails these days. It is essential to have an extensive GIF collection if you wish to participate in the digital revolution. Fortunately, the internet is flooded with animated images and video loops. The GIFs you want probably exist … Read more

How To DM Someone In TikTok?

How To DM Someone In TikTok

It is remarkable how TikTok has risen to prominence. Upon learning about TikTok, you will discover that there are a number of features available. You can post a video, share someone else’s video, create a duet video with your favorite creator, and more. The ability to communicate with others is one of the more simple … Read more