How to Turn Off Galaxy S21? 4 Methods to Turn off Samsung Mobile

How to Turn Off Galaxy S21? At the beginning of the year last year, Samsung launched one more flagship device, the Samsung Galaxy S21 5G. It has gained tremendous popularity due to its extraordinary features. With four attractive colors: Phantom Gray, Phantom White, Phantom Violet, and Phantom Pink, it’s no less than a masterpiece. The Samsung Galaxy S21 can be turned off in several ways, considering the quintessence of turning off Samsung Galaxy smartphones.

Unlike the power button of conventional Samsung Galaxy smartphones, the Samsung Galaxy S21 5G doesn’t hold a single purpose – it is used for multiple functions. With the long press of the power button, users can access Samsung Bixby and Samsung’s smart assistant along with the ‘Power off Menu’. The functions of the power button in S21, S21 Ultra, & S21+ 5G are very much similar to Samsung Galaxy Note 20.

However, to simplify the complexity of using one button for various purposes, there are other ways integrated to switch off Galaxy S21, which are described below in detail.

How to Turn Off Galaxy S21
How to Turn Off Galaxy S21

4 Methods to Turn off Samsung S21

The Galaxy S21 models have received little but significant modifications. A few users who have purchased the new Samsung Galaxy S21, S21 Ultra, or the Galaxy S21+ may find themselves unable to turn it off. To mitigate this struggle, follow these methods to turn off S21:

Turn Off Samsung Galaxy S21 with Power Button and Volume Down

  • For this method, you have to long-press the Power and Volume down buttons together.
  • Then, you will be able to see the Power menu on the screen, having three options: Power off, Restart, and Emergency Mode.
  • Tap on the Power off button.

Turn Off Galaxy S21 from the Notification Shade

  1. To access the notification shade, swipe down from the top of the screen.

  2. Swipe down a second time to cover the screen with the shade.

  3. In the top right corner, press the Power button.
  4. Tap on the Power off button.

How to Turn off S21 by Asking Bixby

  • Another option to switch off your Samsung S21 is to invoke Bixby by pressing and holding the power button.
  • After the Bixby animation displays at the bottom of the phone, simply say “Turn off my phone” while pushing the power button, and then release the button.
  • You’ll get a prompt asking you to Power off or Restart.

A lot of users tend to disable Bixby as they feel uncomfortable using it. However, it can actually turn out to be helpful when you need to turn off your Samsung S21 within a fraction of seconds.

Power off Samsung Galaxy S21 by Reassigning the Side Key

  • Long-press the Power and Volume down buttons together, and you will see the Power Menu.
  • Here, click on the Side Key Settings at the bottom of the screen.
  • Select the Power off Menu and now the side button will now power off instead of displaying Bixby.

Why You Should Turn Off S21?

Turning off Samsung Galaxy S21, S21 Ultra, or S21 Plus 5G can help you in various ways in order to improve the workability of the smartphone and improve the performance of the RAM as well as the battery.

Firstly, when you power off your S21 and start it again, all the cached data in RAM is erased. All previously operating app fragments are deleted, and all currently open applications are terminated. RAM is effectively “cleaned” when the phone restarts, so eventually you’re beginning with zero once again.

Consider how many applications are open on your phone, steadily draining memory and battery capacity. Thus, turning off your phone clears any open apps or memory leaks, as well as anything else that is consuming your battery.


I hope you now understand the appropriate methods of the commonly asked question ‘How do I turn off my Samsung S21? ‘, along with the importance of this process. If you face any problem regarding any function of the Galaxy S21, you can comment below and I’ll help you out to get it sorted!

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