What does LMS mean in Text? LMS stand for (LMS Meaning)

LMS means:

Like My Status

It’s a popular form of Internet slang that Facebook, Instagram, and other social media users typically put in a status update. This is to get more engagement from their friends or followers.

How LMS Is Used?

When used in a status update, Facebook users most often lead with the LMS expression (asking their friends to press the like button on their status) and then include a reason or some kind of reward for doing so. They may also use it as a way to get friends to participate in a game. In this game, the poster sends anyone who liked their status a personal message, photo, or something else.

Examples of LMS in Use

Using LMS on Facebook is just a trendy way to rack up more likes and find more interesting ways to interact with friends. Similar trends exist on other social networks, like Twitter (RT if you…) and Tumblr (Reblog if you…).

Example 1

Used with a reason or agreement.

  • LMS if you think Supernatural is the best show ever!
  • LMS if you agree Justin Bieber is extremely talented!
  • LMS if you saw Mr. Thompson’s toupee fall off at school today!

Example 2

Used with a general reward.

  • LMS if you want to see the hilarious pics I took this weekend!
  • LMS if you want my new phone number!
  • LMS if you see this and don’t want to be deleted from my friend list!

Example 3

As part of a more personal reward or game.

  • LMS if you want me to post a pic on your profile of an animal that I think looks like you!
  • LMS and I’ll send you a funny Snapchat message!
  • LMS if you want me to post an inspirational quote on your wall!

Unlike some of the more recent Internet slang acronyms that have popped up lately, like BAE and SMH, the LMS trend has been a Facebook favorite with teens and young adults for years as early as 2011.

LMS for a TBH

Among the most popular types of LMS, posts are LMS for TBH. If you’re not already aware, TBH stands for,​ to be honest.

When someone posts “LMS for a TBH” on Facebook, it means that they’re willing to post an honest opinion of anyone’s profile who decides to like their status. Some may even specify that they’ll also rate them.

Using LMS

Using LMS in a post of your own could be a helpful way to increase engagement with friends, but only if they know what LMS stands for. If they don’t know, then they won’t be able to understand why you want them to like your status.

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