3 Things You Need to Know About SQL Developer for Mac

SQL Developer is an integrated development environment available for free. It is meant to optimize Oracle database development in both cloud and on-premise deployments. For proper utilization of SQL developer for Mac, you must know how to install it on macOS, what the prerequisites are, and how to connect it to Oracle. 

This article is your guide to installing SQL Developer on your Mac computer for better utilization and optimized app development. 

Let’s first learn more about SQL Developer and why you need it. 

What Is SQL Developer?

SQL Developer is a GUI that allows developers to work with Oracle databases. Cross-platform compatibility allows developers to install the tool on macOS, Windows, and Linux operating systems. 

Developers use SQL Developer for developing end-to-end PL/SQL applications, DBA Console for database management, a spreadsheet for executing queries, a data-modeling solution, a reporting interface, and a migration platform to migrate third-party databases to Oracle. 

Simply put, the tool provides robust editors that simplify working with SQL, PL/SQL, XML, and Stored Java Procedures. Users can execute, test, debug, and store database programs in an organized manner. Since SQL Developer is a free tool, it is the most preferred choice of developers over the SQL server management studio for Mac.  

The best thing about SQL Developer is that you do not need an Oracle client to download the tool. It supports Oracle database versions 11gR2, 20c, 19c, 18c, and 12c. You can even use the tool via browser without installing it on the local drive. Simply launch the browser on your computer and start working on the tool. 

When using the browser version, you can run any SQL or PL/SQL in the SQL worksheet. It allows you to create or edit Oracle Schema objects with simple wizards, create and edit user accounts, manage database configuration and performance, and load data from JSON, AVRO, or CSV to new or existing tables in Oracle. 

How to Install SQL Developer?

To install SQL Developer tools on your Mac, make sure you have JDK installed. The tool supports JDK 8 or 11. Before you start installing the tool, ensure it matches the prerequisite. Then, follow the given instructions carefully. 

  1. Visit the SQL Developer Download page.
  2. Locate the Mac OSX file and click on the download link. 
  3. A window will appear and ask you to accept the license agreement. Tick mark the checkbox that says “I reviewed and accept the Oracle License Agreement”. 
  4. Next, click on the Download sqdeveloper.macosx.app.zip button to start the download. 
  5. Once you click the ZIP file, it will begin to extract SQLDeveloper.app.
  6. The extracted items will be stored in the Downloads folder by default. To store these items in another location, such as the Applications folder, drag the SQLDeveloper.app to your preferred location on the computer. 
  7. Now, double-click SQLDEveloper.app to open the SQL Developer tool. 

With this, the process to install SQL Developer on Mac is completed. If you see the Oracle SQL Developer: Welcome Page, the tool is installed successfully on your Mac computer.  

How to Connect to Oracle DB?

How to Connect to Oracle DB
How to Connect to Oracle DB
  1. Once the SQL Developer installation completes, it’s time to connect to Oracle. 
  2. Click on the + sign displayed on the left side of the window. 
  3. Select the New Database Connection… option from the options that appear. 
  4. You will see the New/Select Database Connection screen. 
  5.  Now, enter your connection details, such as the name, username, password, connection type, hostname, port, and SID/service name. 
  6. After providing details, click on the Test button to see if it works. 
  7. If the Status says Success, click Connect.
  8. Once the connection to the Oracle database is established successfully, you can see the new connection in the list under Oracle Connections.

Now, your SQL developer is connected to Oracle.

What Can You Do With SQL Developer?

SQL developer for Mac is a powerful tool that is not only used by developers but database administrators, data modelers, and application architects too. The SQL Developer’s DBA tool extends support for Oracle auditing, data pump, user and role management, recovery manager, storage management, and much more. 

For data modelers, the SQL Developer’s package supports data flow diagrams, logical modeling, relational modeling, dimensional modeling, physical modeling, model comparison with ALTER scripts, design versioning via Subversion, DDL scripting, reporting repository, reporting utility, imports from data dictionaries, and more. 

Moreover, SQL Developer is used as the primary database migration platform that helps migrate third-party databases to Oracle. Further, the database administrators can connect the database to SQL Server, Teradata, ASE, DB2, or Access. The tool allows for straight database migration without any major technical glitches. 

If you are a new database developer and want to polish your skills, joining an online SQL Database course can help. 

The Conclusion

SQL Developer is a multi-functional tool that is supported by multiple operating Systems, including Windows, Linux, and macOS. Whether you are a database administrator, data modeler, application developer, or application architect, you can use the tool to make your database-related tasks easier.

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