Does Snapchat Chat Increase Your Score?

The features of Snapchat change so frequently that it can be hard to keep track of what they mean or do. After a mere three months of not using the app, you may have to learn how to use it again.

The photo compression changes from time to time, and Android OS support is still very inferior to what the app offers iOS users. Even something like the Snapchat Score is subject to change.

Many users have believed for a while now that the score is based on the number of snaps sent and received. This isn’t even close to the truth. According to Snapchat’s ever-changing points system, your score may be affected by a variety of factors. Let’s look at what you can do to improve it.

How the Snapchat Score Works

All we know for sure is that users earn one point per snap they send or receive (and open). Test it yourself by opening unopened snaps and monitoring the score. Both photo and video snaps give one point, so there seems to be no difference between them.

The score does not seem to be affected by sending or reading text messages. Additionally, it does not seem to increase when you open a story update.

There are also plenty of glitches that may occur. It’s possible for the score to stay at a certain value for an extended period of time. Despite sending out dozens of snaps, your score may not change. Due to Snapchat’s vague feature descriptions and algorithms, no one really knows why this happens.

Can You Increase the Score in Other Ways?

You should know the meaning of your Snapchat score before you worry about increasing your score and delving into Snapchat’s complicated scoring system. In comparison to having a large following or a large number of friends, the Snapchat score doesn’t establish a lot of authority.

That’s not to say a high score doesn’t look good. Due to the popularity of social media platforms, you may want to boost your Snapchat score for that reason alone. Don’t forget that it doesn’t raise your profile or bring you more business.

To avoid sending random snaps to all your friends, you can ‘partner up with other popular Snapchatters. By sending a map to people with large followers, you can increase your score faster and gain some exposure.

There are many myths surrounding Snapchat’s scoring system, but the most popular one is the chat system. You can’t directly correlate your Snapchat score with your chat activity, but maybe that’s okay. To make the score more relevant in the future, it’s not a good idea to abuse others with private messages.

What About the Snapchat Score Hack?

Advertisements for cheating your way to fame are plentiful. Twitch has viewer bots, while Instagram allows you to buy fake followers and likes. Users of Snapchat are also popular targets for app developers who promise to bypass security measures and hack algorithms to increase their profile scores.

It is unfortunate that none of these websites have proven to be effective for gullible users. Typically, they are cost per action (CPA) websites that trick you into performing various tasks for them without actually paying you.

At the moment, the only way to increase your score is to send and open snaps like you’ve always done. You can skyrocket your score by sending snaps to celebrities and people with huge followings. Due to their busy schedules, they won’t open your snaps, so you can even send them a blank image. In terms of the algorithm, you will still receive a point for sending a snap.

Final Word

There is a lack of transparency in the Snapchat profile score system. Many glitches occur without being addressed or recognized. Additionally, there are no hacks or tricks you can use to cheat the algorithm. The mystery surrounding Snapchat’s inner workings is part of the reason for this.

Most changes in the score can be attributed to sending and opening snaps. Chatting on Snapchat will not increase your score, but you might be able to convince some of your friends or followers to open more snaps you send them.

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