How to Fix iPhone Flashlight Not Working Issue?

How to fix iPhone flashlight not working problem? When you need a quick and convenient light source, the iPhone’s flashlight is a great option, though sometimes it fails to work. No matter which iPhone model you have, if your flashlight icon is greyed out and inaccessible or the flashlight does not work, you can try a few things to fix it.

iPhone Flashlight Not Working
iPhone Flashlight Not Working

How to Fix iPhone Flashlight Not Working?

The iPhone flashlight function may not be working for several reasons. The most common cause is a glitch in the software. Sometimes the exact cause only comes to light after the fix has been applied.

Here are the steps you can take to troubleshoot a non-working iPhone flashlight.

  1. Close the Camera app

    Since the camera’s flash and the flashlight use the same bulb, you can’t use both simultaneously if the Camera app is enabled.

  2. Restart the iPhone

    You can fix many software issues by simply restarting the device. The reset action resets some of the temporary settings that cause apps and features to malfunction.

  3. Perform a hard reset

    Sometimes a simple restart isn’t enough to resolve a problem. In some cases, you might need to perform a hard reset, which is a more powerful reset.

  4. Reset the iPhone settings

    As it does not delete your personal data or apps, the process is not as dramatic as it sounds. This method resets the iPhone to its default settings, which may result in the flashlight icon (and the flashlight) working again.

    However, erasing the iPhone settings may delete your wallpaper.

  5. Restore the iPhone to a previous backup

    An iPhone backup can be used to repair lost or corrupted data, which may be the cause of the flashlight not working.

  6. Restore the iPhone to factory settings

    There is an extreme, time-consuming fix that should resolve a faulty flashlight feature. But if that doesn’t work, you are almost certainly facing a hardware issue.

    It is crucial that you back up your data before performing a factory reset on your iPhone.

  7. Contact Apple support

    It is possible that the flashlight does not turn on even when its button is lit up normally. This is a hardware problem, so you need to contact Apple or take the phone to a licensed repair outlet. It is likely that you will be able to have your iPhone repaired for free if your iPhone is still covered by a warranty.

You should not attempt to fix the flashlight yourself since doing so could void any warranty you have on the phone. It may also worsen the problem.


Can an iPhone flashlight burn out?

A common question we hear is, “Can my iPhone flashlight burn out?” The only way your iPhone flashlight can stop working is if the iPhone battery dies, and then only until the phone is charged again. There is no need to worry about the iPhone flashlight burning out.

How do you fix a flashlight that won’t turn on?

When your flashlight has a dim or weak light or simply won’t turn on, it could be the battery. Inspect the flashlight to see if the battery is still charged. The battery might simply need to be replaced or recharged. If the batteries have charge then inspect the batteries carefully for any leaks.

Why does my iPhone 12’s flashlight not work?

If the phone is very hot or cold, a nearly exhausted battery can prevent the flashlight from working. You may have accidentally removed your flashlight from your iPhone 12 Control Center, but you can easily add it back in the Settings app.

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